Lasse Jellum

You crazy human you!

I cannot even imagine the impulses and circumstances that brought you to my website, but now that you are here, let us get straight to the juicy stuff.

I imagine you are living and crafting an unique life, discovering and playing on your strengths, working on your weaknesses, figuring out this whole health and lifestyle thing in its infinite facets, getting to know your own damn self and dealing with countless challenges, set-backs and limitations along the way.

Me too!

I have been doing this for a minute, and for while now I have helped people navigate, prioritise and level up in key areas of their life.

To some, I am known as the nutrition guy, the herbalist, the biohacker, but what I am really all about, is spotting unrealised opportunities for improvement and growth.

It could be your sleep, could be your posture, could be that one puzzle-piece nutrient or allergen, could be your way of thinking, where you spend your time.

As you know, we all have some serious blind spots, that is why top performers hire coaches. You see, what I excel at is helping the people that already are doing a lot. They have been around the block, tried their share of diets, practices and other lifestyle implements for extended periods. Because even when we got it dialed, there is alway something we miss as long as we go at it alone.

My experience has come from an insatiable curiosity about what creates radiant health and happiness. Particularly from me loosing and rebuilding my health in fundamental ways, delving into it from countless angles, sifting through the noise, reconciling paradoxes and getting comfortable with knowing that I can never completely understand it all.  And most of all, learning from the hundreds of interactions I have had with others on their path.

If this resonates with you and you are ready to enlist some support on your journey, schedule a fifteen minute introduction call and we will figure out if we are a match.


Lasse Jellum

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